Welcome to the new site

This will, hopefully, be the permanent location of my blog.

Yes, I hear you laughing at me for thinking something on the Internet might be “permanent”.

I also hope to start blogging again more regularly. I used to. I want to more. I want to do more posts like my M82 supernova post, and my Higgs Mechanism post.

As for why I left Scientopia, it’s because I couldn’t stand to see the abuse that a small number (one, in particular, although this individual wasn’t alone) heaped on Mark Chu-Carroll, the person who had been paying for the hosting of Scientopia and doing all of the work for it. It was really inexcusable. When, after a flare up, somebody came in and told us “all to be professional”, it was the last straw. I’m all for being professional. But when being professional means being polite and not calling out those who are engaging in smiling, moderately-toned, but inexcusable behavior, it’s all just pretend professional.

For more details about the recent downtime on scientopia, and why I’ve left the site, read Mark’s description of the history and the event.

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