Starting at Westminster College in September

Now that I’ve signed a contract, I feel comfortable going public.

Next September, I will be moving back to the USA, and I will be starting a job as an associate professor in the Physics department of Westminster College, a small liberal arts college in western PA, about an hour north of Pittsburg in the town of New Wilmington.

In the last few days, my wife and I have been out in PA house hunting, and things are starting to come into place for the move.

In the fall, I’ll be teaching the algebra-based introductory physics class, the lab that goes along with that class, and an intermediate level Modern Physics class (covering Special Relativity and introductory quantum physics). I’m looking forward to it.

(It seems odd to me that I capitalize Special Relativity but not quantum physics, but it also seems right that way. The former is really the proper name of the theory, but the latter is a description of the topics of the course. Interesting. My usage may be entirely incorrect.)

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